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How Much To Feed A Maine Coon Kitten?

When you Google “How much to feed a Maine Coon kitten?” you don’t get answers. What you get is miscellaneous posts of plaintive owners asking the same question. Because the short and accurate answer is “Lots”. Or, as we say in the Coon Verse, a fuck-ton.

As of today, Mingo weighs 11.2 lbs. I bought a cat scale for several reasons. One, because weight loss is an important early warning sign of trouble in my two NORMAL cats, and two, because I’m fascinated with how fast he’s growing. And how big he’s getting. Maybe a more accurate word would be ‘terrified’.

Less than a week ago, he weighed 10.2 lbs. My Siamese cat weighed 10.6. He’s not even eight months old. He’s gained a pound in less than a week. Maine Coons can continue to grow until two years old.

I feed my cats canned tuna and dry kibble. The adults get fed tuna morning and evening; the dry kibble, with lots of water back, is out all day. Back in the calm peaceful days Before Kitten, I was going through much less than a 5 oz. can a day — Rainy the Siamese is a picky eater and sometimes ignores the tuna completely. Keeping it unspoiled was a problem, because they don’t like it cold, but leaving it out of the refrigerator once opened is a bad idea.

This is no longer a problem.

Mingo is going through 2.5 oz of tuna each morning and evening, plus he gets another full meal at midnight because still growing. I add in dry kitten kibble on the vet’s recommendation. Plus he scarfs up whatever Squeaky leaves in his bowl and he’s transitioning to eating the adults’ dry kibble. It’s disappearing at a much faster rate and I don’t think it’s elves. So that’s two plus cans a day for all three cats, plus dry kibble.

I’ve always bought tuna in 10-packs. Now I’m ordering the 10-packs four at a time via Amazon. Yes, I know I can get cases of tuna, but not so far in the brand and variety Rainy will eat. When I say ‘picky’ I mean picky. I’m working on it.

So that’s how much a Maine Coon kitten eats. Now you know.

Mary Holland

Mary Holland writes alternative-world fantasy for grown-ups. Her books include Matcher Rules, The Bone Road, and The Dog of Pel. She lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains with three cats and an ever-changing assortment of wildlife.

3 thoughts on “How Much To Feed A Maine Coon Kitten?”

    • Except for the 2-3 always available full bowls of cat kibble (his and the two adult cats) that he’s vacuuming up daily, yes he is. Poor thing.

  1. I just rescued a Maine Coon cat. He is a sweet boy. They estimated him to be 3-5 years old. Except when I got him home and he started relaxing he became more and more kitten … so I think he is maybe a year old. He has doubled in weight in the last month and still has paws to grow into.

    I came here because I googled ‘how much to feed a Maine Coon kitten’ : )

    I wondered if his desperation for food is from being dumped on the streets (he was emaciated) and I’m happy to fatten him up but he eats SO DAMNED MUCH. More than twice more than my greedy fat old lady cat. (who held the previous record on food consumption)

    Thanks for your post! I’ll keep feeding him and see how big he gets!

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