Chronicles of Mingo

New, Improved, Instructions for Emptying the Dishwasher

Step 1: Open the dishwasher Step 2: Remove dishes Step 3: Close the… Step 3A: Remove kitten Step 4: Close the dishwasher  

How To Achieve Inner Peace

Peace: Two of us are wearing calming pheromone collars, one of us is drinking wine, and one of us is locked in the bathroom because hyper kitten.

In Which Mingo Does Not Win ‘Most Popular’

Mingo is still here, very, and weighed in at the vet’s at 1.8 lbs. He’s also certified flea-free and worm-free. Weaning is going reasonably well (he’s really fond of baby food and not so fond of dried kitten kibble.) He’s been using a litter box since he was able to toddle over and find it,…

Kitten 1, Black Cat 0

Black cat sniffs new kitten very carefully, walks three steps away, and throws up. OH DEAR

Life After Kitten?

The kitten let me sleep all night long, it took me only an hour and a half to set up my new printer/scanner, and it’s a beautiful day. Okay. This is very difficult for me, as a confirmed pessimist.

Mingo is Not Cute

Absolutely not cute. No. Not in any way.

It’s a Boy

If I didn’t already have the vet’s opinion that Mingo is male, today would be proof: he missed the litter tray by an inch. However, A for Effort.

Mingo, 10 Days from Rescue

So Mingo went to the vet today for his 10-days-from-rescue checkup. His weight is now .96 lb, up from .58 lb, which (Mary does Math) is something like a 65% increase. I expect my math is wrong; feel free to correct. He is negative for feline leukemia, so I don’t have to lean so hard…

Bottle-Feeding A Kitten, Woe

Want to reduce your time on social media? Bottle-feed a baby kitten. Also reduces those wasteful hours you’ve been sleeping. #exhausted Mingo is living in the bathroom, in a cat carrier lined with a heating pad set on low and towels. He also has a lovey, a soft stuffed animal donated by the vet, to snuggle…

Kitten Update

Kitten Update: I’ve named him Mingo. (Firefly fans, please note) Here’s a picture of his first bath at the vets, and a somewhat blurry picture of Ming during a feeding. He’s very wiggly.  I am indeed feeding him via syringe every two hours. The vet has kindly informed me I can go as long as…

Mingo Arrives, or, What is Mewing on the Doorstep?

So today I was giving IV fluid therapy to my 17 year old Siamese and someone rings the front bell. I yell “Come in!” and nothing happens. I disconnect cat from needle (cat extremely pissed off) and go to the door. No one there. I step outside, because my yard gate is open. Something goes…