Chronicles of Mingo

Insert Head Here

Despite the Head Cold from Hell, I feed the cats on schedule. (Because if I’m late I’m surrounded by reproachful felines with huge, accusing eyes, that’s why.) So I was crawling out of bed this morning on day 6 of this pestilential cold, and I heard Squeaky yowling on the other side of the bedroom…

Rosemary’s Kitten

Really, it’s like trying to raise Rosemary’s Baby. We’ve been asking ourselves the wrong question. It’s not “How did the itty bitty kitten survive until rescued?” It should be “Why, after he manifested — I hesitate to say ‘born’ — isn’t that corner of Boulder Creek a smoking ruin?” He’s just under six months old…

Cat Detente, Briefly

We have achieved detente! (Please note that the two on the left are fully grown and the one on the right is a five months old “kitten”.) A peaceful half hour where no one is trying to murder anyone else. In other news, Mingo the Evil Kitten ripped down all the plastic sheeting protecting the…

Congratulations, You Have a Maine Coon

Oh, no. Oh, no. What have I ever done to the Universe to deserve this? Mingo’s vet is convinced he’s a purebred Maine Coon, based on coloring, tufty ears, bone structure, and those feet. He’s barely 5 months old and weighs 7 lbs. According to Google, Purveyor of Bad News, Maine Coons grow between 18-22…

Mingo Gets Tutored

Mingo had an interesting day at the vet yesterday, getting neutered. He’s fine and celebrated his freedom from reproduction by shredding the hanging plastic sheeting between the kitchen construction and the rest of the house. Not that it matters. Dust is everywhere anyway. Despite my reputation as a ball-buster, it’s been decades since I’ve castrated…

Bugs Are Tasty If You’re A Cat

My kitchen is under reconstruction: I’m having the old cabinets sanded and re-stained, dust is everywhere, and all the kitchen contents are in the garage. Mingo was spending a suspicious amount of time in the bathroom — and I finally went in to check. Lots of bugs with wings in the tub. When the contractors…

For Heartwarming Enjoyment, Get Cats

Having cats is fun and heartwarming; they are so precious I say to myself as I clean up yet another pile of cat barf. Also,  Kitten + ping pong ball + tile floors = I’m living inside a maraca.

You’re Putting That Thermometer Where?

An exciting trip to the vet yesterday for his first rabies shot. He didn’t mind the shot but he was violently opposed to having a thermometer rammed up his ass. As are we all. Mingo now weighs 5.2 lbs. and is four months old, so he’s officially a teenager. In lieu of stealing the car…

Teething, Plus Cat Burglary 101

Kitten gallops across the room, leaps on me, and bites my face. Kitten: I’M TEETHING! Me: I don’t care if you’re the fucking Tooth Fairy, you do that again and I’m shot-putting your furry little ass out the window! Kitten: *purrrrrrrrrr* In other developments, Squeaky is teaching Mingo how to open cupboard doors. Literally doing demos….

Mingo at 14 Weeks

Also, Mingo’s feet and tail, which will soon need a room of their own.

All This, Plus House Remodeling Too

Apparently, “contractor” is a magic word. Okay, here’s the long and tedious version of what’s going on. The carpet in this house is over 20 years old. Counting Mingo, that’s three generations of cats, one husband, and me. It’s tired, it’s worn, stained, and it smells of cat pee no matter how much Nature’s Miracle…

Injury, Crate Rest, and Cat Drugs

Mingo is now on enforced crate rest and yummy pain meds, having injured his left shoulder/leg in either a fall (his leap alway exceeds his grasp) or armed combat with Squeaky. Two days ago the contractor (that’s another looong post) said, “That kitten is limping.” Not only was he limping, he wasn’t putting any weight…

I Have Too Many Cats

Help! They’re ganging up on me!

When Kittens Go Bad

Procrastination, Or, It’s Not My Fault I Have A Kitten

Disgraceful: This kitten is almost 3 months old and has yet to publish a thing. Of course, the same thing could be said of his reluctant owner.

Don’t You Dare Pull That Plug


Post Kitten Explosion

My house looks like the ‘after’ shot of the explosion in the catnip mouse factory. Neighbors persist in bringing over cat toys, probably out of sheer relief that he wasn’t dropped on THEIR doorstep.

Water Pistol 10, Mingo 0

Kathy Hall: You were right. Squirting the Evil Kitten with a water pistol is very amusing. Also, this may discourage it from gnawing on electrical cords, a bonus!

Kitten Defense

Redecorated the house in Kitten Defense. Holding the high ground until the cavalry arrives. In other words, please send pony. Or more wine.

You Guys Protest Too Much

For two adult cats who hate the kitten’s very existence, there’s a suspicious amount of inviting tail dangling going on. Just saying.