The Dog of Pel

Evacuation, Cats, and Fire, Pt. 2

By Mary Holland / September 24, 2020

For those of you who don’t know Palo Alto, it’s very white, upper middle-class, and wealthy. The Airbnb was not as advertised. Yes, it was 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, but it was an apartment, not a house, and both the plumber and the electrician should have lost their licenses. However, I will say the manager was very nice, did not flinch at the number of cats, and gave us absolutely no trouble even when we … Read more

Evacuation, Cats, and Fire, Pt. 1

By Mary Holland / September 24, 2020

In theory, if I was a dedicated writer,  I’d have been doing day-to-day posts on the experience of mandatory emergency evacuation, dragging the cats from pillar to post to friends to airbnbs and my deteriorating emotional state. Obviously I’m not a dedicated writer. So it goes. This fire was started by multiple lightening strikes. I saw the storm from my deck; it had been incredibly hot and airless for days, so when the power went … Read more

I, Generator

By Mary Holland / February 4, 2019

We moved up to Boulder Creek in 1992. Both of us, my husband Bob and I, had lived all over the Santa Cruz Mountains for years. So we knew what we were getting in to and were able to reassure our anxious real estate agent that, yes, we knew about bad roads, extended commute times, difficulty getting services, and most importantly, power outages. Now, this house is not really remote by BC standards. The access … Read more

Little Boxes Full of Me

By Mary Holland / August 27, 2018

First off: I’m fine. As of today, as far as I know, I’m perfectly healthy, if you don’t count that mosquito bite on my ass and a distressing tendency to break into tears whenever anyone mentions Mingo. But a few weeks ago someone asked me about the Neptune Society and “pre-need” cremation and I remembered that, while Bob and I had done this for him, we’d never done it for me. It worked well after … Read more


By Mary Holland / April 16, 2018

Welcome to my re-designed website! There’s my free short story “The Divvy” for you to enjoy, set in the world of The Bone Road. The Chronicles of Mingo is my ongoing exasperated commentary on involuntarily raising a Maine Coon kitten and I’ve harvested all the old Facebook posts for anyone who wants to catch up with events. And if you click on each of my book titles below, there’s the first chapter. Try it; you’ll … Read more

Apology, A Long Time Coming

By Mary Holland / December 6, 2017

I want to apologize for a very bad thing I did in the summer of 1970. It’s been preying on my mind, and there is no way to find the person who I injured and apologize directly. Indeed, that person may be dead. I am publishing my apology to the universe or at least to that part of the universe that has Facebook or access to the internet. In 1970 I was hitchhiking down the … Read more

It’s Not Me

By Mary Holland / February 13, 2017

I’ve discovered Goodreads has linked my name and author page to a recent book published by an anti-vaxxer. I’ve asked them to remove the link and correct the error. So if you’re here for that, sorry. I’m for all vaccinations; I think anti-vaccination people are delusional, and their science is not science.

Writing again

By Mary Holland / October 17, 2016

I’m working on a completely new book. I’ve outlined the world structure and I have my main characters and a nice conflict. Writing every day is a stretch, but as usual the more I do the easier it is to get into the story. It’s a fantasy with two major POV’s, both women. I start and plan to end with a minor, male, character POV, although at this stage everything about the story is up … Read more

‘The Divvy’ published!

By Mary Holland / May 30, 2016

My award-winning short story ‘The Divvy‘ has published in the May/June online issue of The Stoneslide Corrective. The Divvy is set in the world of The Bone Road, and some of the characters from the novel make an appearance. (Please note that the box with ‘Warning’ which displays over the first page is part of the publisher’s humor and is not part of the story. Click ‘continue’ and it will disappear.)  

Sometimes life runs right over you

By Mary Holland / March 11, 2016

It’s not an excuse, but an explanation: my husband, Bob, died in February. So I’ll get back to this blog and hopefully, to my writing, when I can.