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By Mary Holland / December 13, 2012

In some mad urge toward upping the completed word count (as if quantity mattered over quality, am I nuts?) I melded two takes on the first section of Dog of Pell into one lumpy wodge. Since they took place in different sections of the character’s timeline, I thought it was a marvelous way to make up some time. Wrong. Trying to smooth one part into another was impossible. The tone didn’t match, so each sentence … Read more

Life Back On Track, More or Less

By Mary Holland / November 11, 2012

No, I wasn’t affected by Hurricane Sandy, aside from worrying about friends and relatives back East. And the election was more of a spectator sport, although I’m ecstatic about the results, being an unabashed Liberal Democrat. What I had was an absolutely enormous head cold which drained all energy and life out of me for two entire weeks. And I gave it to my poor husband, and he’s still recovering. All we were missing was … Read more

Notes on The Bone Road

By Mary Holland / October 11, 2012

The plot of the Bone Road is a circle. It was always envisioned as a year cycle, starting in late winter at the top of the year, going counterclockwise down to the events in Gold Harbor in the summer, and ending back up past Wintering in early spring. I don’t mean all the events take place in the same year, since they obviously don’t, but the Rhona sections are spring and summer, and the Ani … Read more

The Bone Road podcast available

By Mary Holland / September 21, 2012

The podcast of The Bone Road is available here at Podiobooks for free. It’s 27 episodes of about 30 minutes each. Podiobooks has a new and completely revamped website, some parts of which I really like and other parts still in development. One of the things not yet functional is the ratings system, and another is the New Podcasts widget, so even though The Bone Road is very new, you won’t find it listed there. … Read more

Goodreads Giveaway Completed

By Mary Holland / September 13, 2012

I’ve just returned from the local post office, where I mailed ten copies of Matcher Rules to the ten winners of the Goodreads giveaway. Six were sent to U.S. addresses, two to Canada, and two to the U.K. I sent everything out Priority Mail (or overseas equivalent) so the winners should have their books quite soon, although I can’t control any customs delays. If you’ve received a winner’s notice from Goodreads and your copy does … Read more

Reviews and Re-reading

By Mary Holland / September 12, 2012

I’ve never counted but I must have between 2,000 and 3,000 books in this house. It’s a small house and I have to fit in a husband and two inside cats, but of course the books come first. I do have a teensy collection on the iPad, but I prefer paper. Every so often, when the stacks rise up from the floor and I start double-shelving, I weed and reluctantly toss a few cartons. Sometimes … Read more

Robert White 1940-2012

By Mary Holland / September 7, 2012

One of my oldest friends in California died tonight. I met Bob White in or around 1981 when I returned here from graduate school. He owned a house in La Honda and our mutual friend Elena lived in the neighborhood. We used his house as a venue for large potlucks and general get-togethers. After Elena died, he was part of the semi-monthly breakfast group that’s been meeting for 14 years. He was very private, and … Read more

Podcast of The Bone Road completed

By Mary Holland / August 26, 2012

Although not exactly published or available yet. It turned out to be 27 half-hour episodes, and pretty much ate up the entire month of August. Recording a serial podcast, or an audiobook, isn’t something you can put down and pick up again a week later – at least I can’t. It takes energy and concentration and a certain level of rock-hard persistence to keep going. At times it seems it will never end. However, I … Read more

Goodreads Ad and Giveaway

By Mary Holland / August 13, 2012

As an experiment, I’m running an ad and a book giveaway on Goodreads for Matcher Rules. The ad and the giveaway will run for a month, I have 10 copies to give away, and it looks as if whatever happens I will be mailing out all ten, since 67 people have already signed up in the first few hours. As far as I know, Goodreads waits until the end of the giveaway period and then … Read more

Recording The Bone Road

By Mary Holland / July 31, 2012

I’ve started recording The Bone Road as a podcast. I estimate it will be close to 30 half hour episodes, and I’m planning on uploading it to podiobooks when complete, as I did with Matcher Rules. Reading, editing, adding sound: each episode does take a while to complete, so I’m looking at a great deal of time and energy over the next month or so. The new microphone has definitely improved the sound quality. I’m … Read more