Mary Holland


With two economically useless B.A.’s, one in Sociology and History, one in Art Photography, I added a Masters in Librarianship. This paid the mortgage for many years and I ran a research library for a Silicon Valley electronics company. As a proper writer, I have cats, currently one Siamese, one pure black cat, and an accidental Maine Coon kitten.

I love genre fiction: fantasy, science fiction, mysteries. And that’s what I write, starting with a premise, bizarre or off-normal. Then I develop the characters, and build the world they inhabit.

I’ve always been fascinated by social structure, cultural history, and power relationships inside groups. What’s normal in one group can be abnormal in another, and if these are mixed and matched across strange environments, who knows what could happen?

So I write, for want of a better term, sociological fantasy. Or alternate worlds fantasy. Or soft science fiction. Or mysterious fantasy. Or just stories, about people I’d like to meet or people whose lives I’d like to live.