In Which Mingo Does Not Win ‘Most Popular’

Mingo is still here, very, and weighed in at the vet’s at 1.8 lbs. He’s also certified flea-free and worm-free. Weaning is going reasonably well (he’s really fond of baby food and not so fond of dried kitten kibble.) He’s been using a litter box since he was able to toddle over and find it, so no problems there.

Two days ago I decided to introduce him to my adult cats. They had a mature and considered response.


Me: Calm down. It’s a cute little kitten.


Apparently cute only works on people, not on other cats. Rainy the Siamese was very restrained and only hissed/growled when Mingo got too close. Other than that she’s been ostentatiously napping or climbing up where he can’t get to. Yet. He’s cautious around her, but not terrified, which is good because she’s a bully and if he shows fear she will be all over him. Squeaky the black cat had several nervous breakdowns, where he vomited every time he saw Mingo. The vet suggested a pheromone collar, which actually works. Well, up to a point. He’s still nervous but at least he is not throwing up. Also the collar is scented in lavender and chamomile, which has no real effect on cats but is calming for owners. And there has been a big increase in carpet peeing and wall spraying…*SIGH*

Here’s a recent picture. I’ve left it uncropped so you get a good idea of size. We estimate he’s around 7 weeks today and I’ve had him for over a month.