The Dog of Pel is Done

The first pass, anyway. Two and a half years of work mercifully not down the drain. It made a nice birthday gift from me to me.

Depending on how you count, it’s either 94,000 words if you go by Microsoft Word or 80,000 words using the classic editorial 250 words per page. I prefer the actual Word count. I expect the final version will be over 100,000. There are some sections I need to expand and of course I need to edit, chop, change, clarify, and add more color and life and descriptions. I rushed a bit through the final 50 pages so I expect the last bit to need more work than the first. One of my villains, a nasty treacherous person of unspecified gender, had a very skimpy death scene and I certainly can’t let him/her get away with that. More blood! More suffering!

I’ve a busy week ahead so the manuscript can sit and marinate for a while. The back part of my brain, the part that plots, wants to slide in another character even at this late stage. It’s possible but I’m not sure it’s necessary; I’ll think about that.

In the meantime, have a Merry Christmas or whichever holiday is the flavor of your choice, and a Happy New Year!