Life Back On Track, More or Less

No, I wasn’t affected by Hurricane Sandy, aside from worrying about friends and relatives back East. And the election was more of a spectator sport, although I’m ecstatic about the results, being an unabashed Liberal Democrat. What I had was an absolutely enormous head cold which drained all energy and life out of me for two entire weeks. And I gave it to my poor husband, and he’s still recovering. All we were missing was a ‘Danger Plague’ sign at the foot of the driveway and perhaps a leper’s bell.

All progress on everything stopped completely, especially the current manuscript. However, I’m back at it and various bits are falling into place. As of right now there is only one POV and it is a possibility I may stick with him for the entire book. My creative process is always a mystery to me, and I’m fascinated this particular POV showed up late for the party and the primary POV (a female) hasn’t said a word yet. I wonder how long I can sustain this, because if you have a great many events in a plot and only one POV your protagonist has to be present for all of them, or hear about them from some credible secondary character as a tell not a show.

Progress is still very slow, but at least there is progress. As usual at this stage I’m feeling as if I’m pushing a large rock up a very steep hill but I remind myself I’ve been here before and made it up and over the top. The good news is the story is sticking with me and I can feel the back part of my brain plotting away. Can world domination be far behind?