Podcast of The Bone Road completed

Although not exactly published or available yet. It turned out to be 27 half-hour episodes, and pretty much ate up the entire month of August. Recording a serial podcast, or an audiobook, isn’t something you can put down and pick up again a week later – at least I can’t. It takes energy and concentration and a certain level of rock-hard persistence to keep going. At times it seems it will never end.

However, I made it through. Right now I am so happy I only have two completed books out there, because if I was facing podcasting a huge backlist I’d probably hide under the bed.

I have some housekeeping left to do: file uploads and giving Podiobooks all the requested information, and once they have that they give me a release date and a live link. I’ll post that here and on the Order page when I have it.


Goodreads Ad and Giveaway

As an experiment, I’m running an ad and a book giveaway on Goodreads for Matcher Rules. The ad and the giveaway will run for a month, I have 10 copies to give away, and it looks as if whatever happens I will be mailing out all ten, since 67 people have already signed up in the first few hours. As far as I know, Goodreads waits until the end of the giveaway period and then randomly picks 10 names out of the entire list, so it’s not first come, first serve.

Right now, as an author who would like to get reviews and more readers, I’m more interested in the ad response. I cannot wait to see how the statistics break out. This should be fascinating.

Either way, this is a welcome break from the recording and editing and sound mixing and tagging of the podcast episodes of The Bone Road. I’ve completed 12 episodes out of a projected 30, so I have a long way to go.