Ongoing and going and going

While I was head-down in publishing The Bone Road, I had a flurry of marketing activity and response on Matcher Rules. For about ten days I’d have to remind myself which book I was talking about so I wouldn’t get the plots or the characters mixed.

I’d never realized how long the back end of the publishing cycle is, as a reader. As a reader you see the announcements of a (commercially published) book, then the day of publication, some marketing events, and three months later it’s all over and everyone moves on. Unless of course it is a huge best seller but all the rules change for them.

When you are an unknown author you publish to a resounding silence. Except for your immediate friends, no one notices. Any marketing events are as self-generated as the book, and frankly you cross your fingers and hope someone notices.

So there I was, finishing The Bone Road and I was asked to do a reading from Matcher Rules. And the audio podcast of MR launched, and has been surprisingly successful. In the meantime my friends have been reading The Bone Road they’ve posted several 5-star ratings on Amazon. I’ve stumbled on some free book review web sites and submitted The Bone Road to them. It’ll be interesting to see how that turns out.

The audio podcast led to a live radio interview with Cyrus Webb on his Conversations Live! show, and it will be rebroadcast on his podcast. I was able to talk about both books. (as soon as I have a link I’ll post it)

The amazing Rhea Ewing has The Bone Road cover featured on her web site, so people I’d never reach in the normal way are seeing the cover and may be interested in reading the book.

So it’s true that marketing never stops, but it’s odd where marking leads you.