Current work, podcasts, and a reading

I’ve updated the links to the left  to the easiest ways to get a copy of Matcher Rules. I’m also investigating the Affiliate Program at my local independent bookstore, Bookshop Santa Cruz, and I’ll add another link if that happens. I’ve signed up to do a reading there on April 25 with a few other local authors and as soon as I have the flyer I’ll post a link to that. It should be fun.

The Bone Road manuscript is being read in its entirety by my good friend Marilyn Redmond. She actually volunteered for the job, notching up another point toward sainthood. She’s made a few suggestions and (as all authors do) I’ve taken some and ignored others. She’s almost done. I’ll do another pass to correct typos and then a read-through to find yet more typos because I swear the things breed like coat hangers. I’m looking at April (yes, this April) to publish.

I’ve always listened to audiobooks and reading my own manuscripts aloud made me think of publishing them as audiobooks. That’s not possible, but I can put out podcast episodes using So I’ve downloaded the audio software (Audacity), followed the directions, and gotten the first episode past their mentor program. The original instructions said they would take the book episode by episode, but the new updated instructions ask for the completed book to be uploaded, so I’m recording one every few days and processing the files. It does get easier as I get more experience. In common with most people I don’t like the quality of my voice and I’m certainly not a professional at this, but the audio files will be free to download so I’m hoping the voice quality won’t deter listeners. If it does I’ve lost some time but no one has lost any money.