Chronicles of Mingo

Do Not Read This If You Are Fond Of Mice

Yes indeedy, Mingo is now the Great Hunter. Mercifully he is not bringing his prey back to the lair, i.e. my living room or worse, my closet. He passed me on the deck at a fast trot with a tiny foot and a bit of tail hanging from his mouth. It was either a mouse … Read more


Welcome to my re-designed website! There’s my free short story “The Divvy” for you to enjoy, set in the world of The Bone Road. The Chronicles of Mingo is my ongoing exasperated commentary on involuntarily raising a Maine Coon kitten and I’ve harvested all the old Facebook posts for anyone who wants to catch up … Read more

The Divvy

This short story won The Stoneslide Corrective 2015 award for ‘Best Propulsive Scene and/or Plot Line’. Set in the world of The Bone Road, some familiar characters make an appearance. Enjoy!