Chronicles of Mingo

Lose Some, Win Some, Or, Pee Wars

Things are going well. I’d better get that in right now, for several reasons. First, when you have multiple cats, something is frequently wrong with somebody. This one is barfing, or that one is limping, and it costs a lot of money to find out why and, hopefully, fix it. If you have older cats … Read more

I, Generator

We moved up to Boulder Creek in 1992. Both of us, my husband Bob and I, had lived all over the Santa Cruz Mountains for years. So we knew what we were getting in to and were able to reassure our anxious real estate agent that, yes, we knew about bad roads, extended commute times, … Read more

The Divvy

This short story won The Stoneslide Corrective 2015 award for ‘Best Propulsive Scene and/or Plot Line’. Set in the world of The Bone Road, some familiar characters make an appearance. Enjoy!